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Why Signata Corp?

Signata's Team

An energetic, highly qualified, and experienced group of professionals with technical, management and entrepreneurial skills. Amongst us are entrepreneurs, management consultants, seasoned electronics engineers, and seasoned software engineers; with a combined 90 plus years of experience.

Signata's Mission

To develop innovative user friendly signal processing software to acquire, analyze and interpret data from signal acquisition systems for compliance, validation, debug, characterization, correlation, and specification development. Our pioneering concept of modular software architecture allows relatively easy addition of new technologies and/or applications to provide wide array of signal analysis solutions.

Signata's Solution

Signata solutions provide innovative, accurate and user-friendly signal analysis capabilities to engineers around the world. Signata solutions free engineers from the confine of lab/office, allowing engineers to perform signal analysis anytime and anywhere. Thus, maximizing team’s productivity and equipment usage. Users gain instant insight into device performance and able to quickly root cause any electrical issues.

News At a Glance!

Catch a quick glance of what is happening with Signata Corporation …
Signata DDR4 Analyzer and DDR3 Suite with automation are available now! Contact us for trial license. Check out our Products page
Signata Waveform Viewer is available free for 15 days! Check out our Products page and/or Downloads page
We Are HIRING!! Check out our Careers page